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Acrolein is prepared industrially by oxidation of propene. .

Acrolein has major applications in the oils & gas industry as a biocide for Water Treatment Chemicals. It also has an application in fragrance industry, pharmaceutical industry, agrochemicals and is used in mining . It is mostly used to make

acrylic acid. It is also used to control plant and algae growth in irrigation canals. Acrolein kills or controls

microorganisms and bacteria in oil wells, liquid hydrocarbon fuels, cooling-water towers and Water Treatment Chemicals

ponds. In papermaking, acrolein is used to control slime.


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Sulphur Derivatives

Sodium Sulphide

Active Ingredient:



Sodium sulfide formula - Na2S Flakes.

Sodium sulfide is a chemical compound with a chemical formula Na2S. Sodium sulfide is used in the pulp and paper industry, Water Treatment Chemicals, textile industry, and various chemical manufacturing processes including the production of rubber chemicals, sulfur dyes and oil recovery.


  •  Sodium Sulphide 35% solution
  •  Sodium Sulphide flakes


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Phosphorus Derivatives

Triethyl Phosphite

Active Ingredient:



Triethylphosphite is an organophosphorus compound.

It is used as a ligand in organometallic chemistry and as a reagent in organic synthesis.

In coordination chemistry and homogeneous catalysis, triethylphosphite finds use as a soft ligand.

It is a clear colorless liquid with a strong foul odor.


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UPL Speciality Chemicals Business

Phosphorus, Sulfur, Phosgenation and Cyanation is what UPL’s business of speciality chemicals expertises in manufacturing and handling in addition to hydrogenation, chlorination, bitterants and acrolein. We have a diversified portfolio with presence across the globe while we ensure necessary registrations. Our products find applications in industries like pharmaceutical, mining, oilfield, lubricant, personal care, textile, paper and more.

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Product Spotlight - DEPI, DMPI, Na2S, TEPI

Diethyl Phosphite, Sodium Sulfide, Triethyl Phosphite, Dimethyl Phosphite are some of the products offered by us.

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United Phosphorous to invest Rs 6,000 cr on agro-chemicals plant in Dahej

Agro-chemicals player United Phosphorous Ltd (UPL) on Tuesday announced plans to invest Rs 6,000 crore to set up a plant to manufacture agro-chemicals and intermediates at Dahej in South Gujarat.

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UPL India, Brasil & Mexico are awarded 'Great Place to Work' certificate by GPW, India.

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UPL Jhagadia won the silver ‘EKDKN Exceed Award 2017’

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